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On My HGTV Ish

After months of procrastination I finally hung the art in my family room. Then after some more months I decided to photograph it. When I went back and looked at some before and afters of my house, I must say I am quite pleased with myself. I bought an abandoned, dirty, and otherwise bland foreclosed townhome at 25 (all by myself!) and have spent the last couple years slowly but surely jazzing it up. I’ve taken my time because

1) I’m a perfectionist which makes decision-making a laborious process

2) I’m a bargain shopper who knows good deals only come to those who wait and

3) 2000 sq. ft is a lot for one person to fill. (Unless, of course, you just fill it with clothes & shoes… which happens even if you aren’t trying.)

I’m not quite an Interior Designer yet but I spent a lot of hours watching HGTV when I was house shopping.  So about 50 paint samples and a kagillion deliveries from online shopping later, I’m gonna toot my own horn with some before & afters.

Family Room:

Living Area:



Dining area:



Guest/Workout Space:


Home Office:


Master Bedroom:

Master Closet:

Still some work to do (kitchen backsplash, tiling powder room, deck stain, etc) but I’m pleased with my progress so far. Don’t underestimate the value  of having someplace comfortable to come home to.  Now if I could only convince a couple of my male friends to help me convert some of their sad spaces….

Anyhoo, let me know what you think!

More family room photos:  http://shellysaysso.tumblr.com/post/13029690617/my-family-room-earth-circles-squares

More bedroom photos:  http://shellysaysso.tumblr.com/post/13028457990/my-new-boudoir-curves-mirrors-metallics

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