14 Times I Slayed Your Life in 2014

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14 Times I Slayed Your Life in 2014

This #WCW I’m crushin on my damn self. That’s right. It’s all about the #selflove and last year I learned to love myself more than ever. And I also learned the power of demonstrating that unapologetic love it self to others. And that is pretty much what this post is about. It comes from a place of encouraging everyone to be comfortable in their skin. Whether it be weight, skin color… Whatever. Just effing slay!

Now, I have never considered myself much of fashionista. I’ve never gotten excited about labels or spent a lot of time getting dressed. But this year I stepped it up a bit, and my measure of success is the women who reached out to me asking if they could raid my closet or wondering where I shopped. Yay me! So to congratulate myself, and to give you everlasting life in 2015, here are the Top 14 Times I Slayed Your Life in 2014.

14. That time I told you I was Miss Maryland Plus USA 2014.
Miss MD Announcement

13. That time I gave you Alice In Wonderland Realness
Alice in Wonderland

12. When I Rocked Pink — Soft, Hot, and Sheer!

11. When I Showed You How Big Girls Do Prints

print 1IMG_7766
10. Pageant Week

week 1pageant2
9. Colorblocking the Curves Shawty

8. African Realness

7. WHen I Hosted Curved Rock Fashion Weekend

6. When I almost died at a photoshoot in 120 degrees but I looked cute though

5. When I Put On A Wedding Dress and Eligible Bachelors Everywhere Swooned



4.  How I Be Working Them Stripes

3. My Cover Model Shoot AKA When Shantel Beat My Face to High Heaven and I Couldn’t Stop Taking Selfies

IMG_7797picstitch (8)IMG_7754

2. When You Saw Me Strutting My Stuff in the last round (Top 5) of Plus USA

1. That Time I Showed My Cellulite and It Was Reblogged Like 10000 Times


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