The Lost Art

//The Lost Art

The Lost Art


We don’t give a kiss its proper reverence anymore
We treat it like
An official request for sex
And not a gift all on its own

We seek parting lips solely as a means to part legs
But a kiss is not an hors d’ouevre to tide u over for the main course
No, this is like dessert
You must nibble on it at a snail’s pace so it will last longer
Like dark chocolate, cinnamon, cream, icing
Sweet upon your tongue
Enjoy it slow
Savor its decadence
Dance with it
Feel its texture
Absorb its pleasure

Let’s not rush through this chapter
Don’t skim the pages
Don’t try to guess the ending
The rest of the story will be here tomorrow
Just kiss me now

Steal the words from my mouth
Give them back to me
Tell me what you feel
That you want to know me a little more
That this is personal
That we are in this moment
Right here

Kiss me like it’s all you really wanted
place your hand on the small of my back and pull me into you
Kiss me like returning soldiers do

Appreciate the fullness of my pout
With lips brushing and pressing
Creating electricity through magnetism
Moving through anticipation to synchronicity
Create a kiss with me

Patiently, naturally, longingly, artistically,
Wrap me in masculinity
Sculpt a connection with me
I will be your muse and you can be my melody
Create a kiss with me

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