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I love to talk about Tyler Perry. He is fascinating because there is so much to love and hate at the same damn time. I’m compelled to at least observe everything associated with him, even when I know it’s gonna be terrible. I’m drawn to it. I loathe him as an artist. But I give him mad props as an entrepreneur. At the end of the day I really just want him to do better. Even if he could just manage to be mediocre, I would be ecstatic. But he insists on doing the absolute least because he knows he can get away with it, and it just burns me up every time! He could actually be the anti-Christ. But I digress….

The purpose of this post is that I just saw something that left me speechless for quite some time. In the latest episode of “Let’s Talk Tyler”, I present to you, this trailer:

Yes, that shit just happened. In real life. 
Here are my thoughts.
  1. Who in the hell left the gate open? (Thank you, Bev)
  2. I never thought I’d see the day when someone not named Tyler Perry actually cast Tyler Perry. I could MAYBE see his ace boon Oprah doing it. But white folk? Nawl.
  3. I thought Tyrese was the go-to black action guy for white folks that can’t afford Will Smith? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING??!?! Jody ain’t doing nothing but posting illiterate tweets. Please, give him a job!
  4. In what universe is Madea a better leading man than Idris? IN WHAT UNIVERSE?!?! If Idris was unavailable you could have just pick someone else off the poster from Takers. Anyone! Michael Ealy would get my ass in the seat fo sho.
  5. This just cannot be real. This preview MUST have been produced by ‘Funny or Die’. It just MUST.
  6. Tyler still managed to finagle a role for Cicely Tyson. He keeps that woman working. But maybe we should go on and let her retire since she was baby Jesus’ wet nurse and all.
  7. I cannot WAIT until the reviews come out. Tyler Perry doesn’t allow the press to preview & review his movies like most studios do, because they are always mean to him. But since this is not a Tyler Perry Studios production, it’s gonna get reviewed beforehand. And I can already smell the shade that will be thrown. **pops popcorn**
  8. If he takes off his shirt at any point, I quit.
  9. This is reprising a role originally played by Morgan Freeman. Morgan friggin Freeman! God himself! There is no doubt that Tyler Perry is the anti-Christ.
  10. Is anyone is America going to take this seriously? Look at that photo. He doesn’t look the least bit menacing and he’s holding a big ass rifle. They have purposely orchestrated some shit that no one will ever take seriously. Think about it: If no one shows up, this is going to bode very badly for black actors in general. The studios will say we can’t carry action films or thrillers. This shit is a conspiracy. They can always argue that Tyler is the most successful black actor, and not even he could get white folks to show up. But realistically, he is the absolute least likely to get anyone to show up for this kind of film. It’s just not his forte’. This makes no sense! Casting Steve Urkel makes more friggin sense.


So what do ya’ll think? Do you want to see it? Do you have faith in Tyler carrying an action film as a leading man?

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