Here’s to the Next 10!

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Here’s to the Next 10!

I started this decade as a high school student and ended it as a college professor.

I started this decade viewing my little brother as a nuisance and will end it with him as a friend.

 I started this decade wishing my mom would stay out of my room and ended it inviting her to dinner at my house.

 I started this decade wondering if anyone would ever truly love me, and end it knowing that someone has, someone can, and someone most definitely will.

 I started this decade dying to get into places I wouldn’t be caught dead in now.

 I started this decade fantasizing about traveling the world and end it with photos from all over Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean.

 I started this decade wishing my grandmother didn’t leave lipstick marks on my cheeks and end it wishing she was here to see the woman I have become.

 I started this decade thinking I was grown and will end it realizing that I have growing to do.

 To everyone that has been a part of the last 10 years of my life,

 Here’s to the next 10!

– December 31, 2009

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