Cherry Blossoms

//Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

I don’t do this often, but April is National Poetry Month. So, I’m sharing a poem with you guys on this blog! Yay!

The nexus of this is that I came home last night and saw my neighbor bringing his wife flowers. It was the cutest scene ever! I was inspired. And so, I wrote this.


Cherry Blossoms


I always see her with bookbags and lunch bags and sippy cups and peewee football helmets

She has 3 boys

We pull into driveways that are mirror images

Me carrying a laptop and some poetry CDs

She helping little people in and out of booster seats

They look like pictures of their father at ages 2, 4, and 6

Her genes had nothing to do with any of it

Three handfuls of jubilence and mom only has 2 hands

But she juggles well

Keeps everything moving constant and fluid

And every few days

We pull into our identical driveways and wave


But today, I finally saw her

No little people latched onto her ankles

Today, he brought her flowers

She put on a dress

He rung the doorbell

When she answered the door for her date, she was giving him legs

She was excited

Wore the pretty shoes instead of the comfortable ones

He pulled flowers from behind his back

The cherry blossoms came just in time for the romance

The babysitter’s camera captured the scene

They took the BMW instead of the minivan

She was floating


It’s like I never noticed she was a woman until now

Now, I will remember

And I hope he always remembers

That when he brings her flowers, she smiles

She poses

She laughs

She touches him

And he smiles

And he holds her

And he looks at her

… Different

When no one is calling her Mommy things are different


This episode is joyous

They relax and enjoy this short moment

So ardent that I feel it with them


I hope their night is perfect

I hope they stay out late and the kids don’t wake up when they sneak home

I hope these nights happen more


The next time I see her with a lunchbag or a bookbag or a peewee football helmet

I will remember that this was a woman so amazing that he decided he could never live without her

A girl he courted because she was more valuable than any bachelor’s bragging rights

A beauty he once asked out with nervous anticipation and prayed that he would be so lucky for her to say yes

She said yes

And I hope he remembers

Because now I understand how easy it is to forget


and I really hope their night is perfect



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