10 Things Tyler Perry Could Be Doing

//10 Things Tyler Perry Could Be Doing

10 Things Tyler Perry Could Be Doing

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but……… Tyler Perry has been MIA on the movie scene. He has spent the last 5 years releasing films about every 6 months. But it’s been a while since “Madea’s Big Happy Family” came out and I have yet to see any commercials for the next film in the Tyler Perry Studios cannon. So I started thinking…… what might Mr. Perry be doing? Is he just on vacation in St. Tropez with Oprah?  I must know! So I came up with this handy dandy list of things he could be doing.

10 Things Tyler Perry Could be Doing

  1. Working on opening his own “Tyler Perry Theaters” chain so that he can not only write, produce, and direct his own movies…… but distribute them and sell Mr. Brown’s special recipe popcorn.
  2. Trying to find a really good Beard. They can be hard to find these days.
  3. Building a compound where he and his ‘Army of Shirtless Men can’ live in peace.
  4. Developing a show for Madea to host on OWN…… which will later spin off to become the flagship program on the new Tyler Perry TV channel.
  5. Securing suppliers for his new “Strong Christian Woman” weave line.
  6. Sticking pins into a doll with a striking resemblance to Spike Lee.
  7. Participating in group therapy at the College Park, GA women’s shelter trying to get inspiration for his next film.
  8. Converting “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” to 3D for re-release. (It will look like Kimberly Elise is actually crying ON you. Plus, you can see full detail on Shemar Moore’s lacefront).
  9. Writing the next season of BET’s ‘The Game’ to prove to us that it can, in fact, get worse.
  10. Taking introductory community college film courses to learn new concepts like character development, subtlety, and plot.

So what do YOU think Tyler is doing in his absence from the spotlight? Let a sista know.

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